MATIC Price Forecast: Will Polygon’s zkEVM Lead to a Bull Run?

31. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• This article discusses the recent performance of MATIC and its on-chain indicators.
• It also highlights the launch of Polygon 2.0, zkEVM and NFTs and their potential impact on MATIC’s price movements.
• ChatGPT provides an insightful forecast for Polygon’s position in the DeFi ecosystem.

MATIC Performance

Polygon’s [MATIC] NFT ecosystem has witnessed a massive plummet in its metrics in the last 30 days, leading to MATIC’s value plummeting to $0.7121. MATIC is currently the 12th largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $6.6 billion.

Polygon 2.0

Following news of Ripple [XRP] securing a partial victory in its legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 13 July, MATIC surged more than 20%. A group of Polygon founders and researchers recently proposed a token upgrade that would replace the network’s MATIC token with POL in order to allow POL to function as a single token for all Polygon-based networks; this led to a modest rise for MATIC’s prices as well.

ChatGPT Forecast

ChatGPT forecasts bullish price movements for MATIC but its on-chain indicators show a different picture altogether. When asked about zkEVM by ChatGPT, it quickly highlighted it notable features whilst pointing out key benefits it may bring forth; adding that as L-2 solutions continue to grow, it will be interesting to see how zkEVM competes with others.

Impact On DeFi Ecosystem

Polygon has been one of few initiatives to amass the cryptoverse due to its usability and spread throughout charts; altering how people view layer-2 protocols by establishing benchmarks for new protocols within cryptocurrency industry . With its aim being scalability issues addressed primarily through DeFi space , there are high hopes that zkEVM may have broader impact on industry once released into mainnet .


In conclusion , despite bearish trends from on-chain indicators , ChatGPT still forecasts bullish price movements for Polygon’s MATIC token , making it potentially lucrative investment opportunity ; however investors should exercise caution when investing in any cryptocurrency .