Explore a Fantasy Realm with My Neighbor Alice: Decentralized Blockchain Game

10. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin

• My Neighbor Alice is a revolutionary blockchain-based game developed by Antler Interactive and released in early 2021.
• The game features a shared world, quests, stories and experiences, as well as the ability to customize avatars with cosmetic items.
• Players can earn rewards through staking, governance and purchase in-game items with the game’s native cryptocurrency.

My Neighbor Alice: A Revolutionary Blockchain Game

My Neighbor Alice is a revolutionary multiplayer builder, fully decentralized Blockchain game developed by Antler Interactive and released in early 2021. It takes a fresh approach to the blockchain gaming concept by turning its focus away from competitive play to earn gaming onto the casual gameplay experience. The social builder game is designed to revolutionize the mainstream gaming industry by promoting player interaction worldwide in a fun, immersive gaming experience for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Game Features

The game features a shared world in Lummelunda Archipelago and invites players to explore a fantasy realm full of new quests, stories, and experiences. The Town, Medieval Plains, and Nature’s Rest offer players an array of activities and a variety of in-game assets such as houses, animals, agricultural produce, and decorations. The game also introduces innovative features that enable players to personalize their avatars with cosmetic items on IOS and Android operating systems.

Community Quest

My Neighbor Alice’s latest Season 2 offers players an unique way to interact within the game by teaming up with other players build four different buildings in four different Town Hubs through its second community quest which will be ongoing from December 16 2022 until February 14 2023.

Decentralized Platform

My Neighbor Alice functions on a fully decentralized platform renowned as Chromia blockchain network which allows players to control their land within the comfort of their homes while interacting with other players globally. To celebrate this update launch My Neighbor Alice is now offering these new customizable avatar features for free download on IOS & Android operating systems platforms both available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store respectively.

In-Game Items

My Neighbor Alice utilizes elements of life simulation gaming to create an unparalleled experience for its users achieve desired satisfaction for them . Players are able earn rewards through staking & governance & purchase various types of in-game items using the games own native cryptocurrency called ALICE token .