Video Festival

The video art prize „The Golden Pyramid“ was announced internationally and awarded with a grand prize and an audience award. The awards ceremony took place within the finissage on 24th of april at 19:00.

Audience Award

Ornella Macchia: Armenian Papers

Jury Award

Zoe Hough: The Microbial Verdict : You Live Until You Die

The awardees have received a statue of a golden pyramid, which is a reminder of the Karlsruhe pyramid.

Official selection for the Video Art Festival Transmission

Inez de Coo: Double-Crossing
Sverre Aune: Excerpt
Leung Wai Man: Three episodes of urban hiccups: jump, walk & kick
Charles Duquet: Semi-submerged
Rebecca Cairns: Parousia
Christopher Healey: The Grand Journey Here
FLORENCIA LEVY: Landscape for a person
Bianca Kennedy & Felix Kraus: Hybrid - narrated by Hans Op de Beeck
Aline X & Gustavo Jardim: Ambush
Zoe Hough: The Microbial Verdict : You Live Until You Die
Hernán Talavera: Four postcards to Marta
Lou Watson: to and fro/circuit dialogue/default
Madeleine Dymond: History is a Gesture
Anna&Elżbieta Gądek: WHICH IS WHICH?
Ada Birecka: I cannot stop
Areum Han: Cryptid
Ayla Pierrot Arendt: Naturzustand
Nika Radić: The Message
Chang Pei Yee, Oon Qian Yi Shannon: MiMO
Stefka Benisheva: What I'm Not?
Frederic Siegel: Ruben Leaves
Motahareh Ahmadpour: redpoint (in the name of god)
Boris Kozlov: The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque
Ariane Loze: Subordination
Mehdi Shiri: Still life
Anouk Chambaz: I want to explode
Ornella Macchia: Armenian Papers
Fabian Suter: John at the WEF
Loh Li Wei and Chen Huitian: Alucinari
Greg Doble: False Allegory
Nick Jordan: The Atom Station
Maria Auerbach: copy complete
Murat SAYGINER: Volans
J. Saragosa: suburban is a state of mind
Lei Lei: Recycled
Eduardo Cachucho: Flatland